Benefits of joint physical custody
June 23, 2017
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A child’s dream is to spend plenty of fun time with mom and dad and Joint physical custody allows this dream become a reality. Joint physical custody or shared physical custody makes both parents responsible for the physical care of the children. This is an amazing opportunity for divorcees to get more involved in their children’s lives and make important decisions that will impact their future. It allows collaboration between parents and offers a more stable upbringing.

An Aventura child custody and visitation lawyer can help you handle all the legal matters stemming from your divorce. All the disappointment and stress that you feel right now will be much less if you hire sound legal advice.

Living in both homes

Joint physical custody allows children visit both of their parents’ homes and spend equal time with them. It can be stressful for children to move from one place to the other and physical custody allows a more balanced approach. Although joint physical custody may not be a 50/50 type of deal, it’s the closest you can get to spend a fair amount of time with your children. You may want the child to spend spring break with you but Christmas with your ex. Whatever works best for both of you, make sure all the scheduling will benefit the child. However, if there is a conflict between parents, another approach may be better.


Children can take advantage of seeing their parents cooperating with each other. As long as they are good role models and create a safe atmosphere for their children, their children will feel safe and grow in a healthy atmosphere free from arguments and negative emotions.

A shield when growing up

Children feel protected when both parents become part of their lives. It helps them with their self-esteem and it creates a positive atmosphere for conflict resolution. After a divorce, parents may still feel resentful. A more positive environment can help them calm down and do what’s best for the children


Childcare can be very costly for single parents. When both parents are available, they can share their responsibilities and parenting burdens. It makes it easier on both parents and it also offers the child more stability.

Seek expert advice from an Aventura child custody and visitation lawyer

Sometimes children become afraid of losing their parents. These fears are usually less with joint physical custody as the parents are more involved in their children’s lives. A child custody dispute can be very stressful without adequate legal intervention. The process may seem simple but it’s actually not. Whether you want to revisit your current child custody arrangements or establish a new protocol, an Aventura child custody and visitation lawyer can determine the best course of action for your child custody case. Even if joint physical custody is not a viable option for you, there are other approaches to child custody that will be as effective and compatible with your specific case. Contact Morrow Law Firm today and schedule your initial case evaluation.