Benefits of remarriage
April 21, 2017
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With the percentage of couples filing for a dissolution of marriage each year getting higher, chances are the amount of people afraid of commitment has also increased significantly. If you have been married and your experience was not that great it’s obvious that the idea of marriage it’s a bit scary to you. But some people might want to give it a try. And why not? After all, many out there had to struggle a bit before succeeding. It’s not any different in your love life, you may have to make a few mistakes before settling for what you want. Remarrying can be a positive thing that yields both mental and physical benefits.

Physical benefits

Sometimes a divorce comes in like a storm and it can be quite devastating. There are physical consequences that may stem from it such as being more prone to chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Some individuals have experienced mobility limitations. They just had a hard time climbing stairs or walking long distances.

Remarried couples, on the other hand, are generally more relaxed with less chances of experiencing diabetes or heart complications. Research has proven that married people live longer lives and have better health than those who don’t.  This is particularly evident on middle age people, the percentage higher on men.

Mental benefits

Have you ever heard a married person saying: “This man or woman is driving me crazy.” It’s very common in married couples. Arguments and misunderstandings are natural in marriage. Interestingly enough, individuals who remarried are said to experience less depression as compared to those who got a divorce. Men are the ones who seem to benefit the most from tying the knot a second time. Studies have shown that they have less levels of depression than women who remarry.  The mental health differences between single and remarried women are basically caused by  their economy and social support. Healthy woman tends to remarry more improving their overall health and experiencing less anxiety. Remarried men also experience less depressive symptoms than single men.

Legal aspects of remarriage

Although remarriage can be a happy time with hopeful new beginnings, there are some legalities you may want to take a look into. It may affect alimony, spousal and child support as well as child custody. But how is that possible? You may ask. When custodial parents get remarried sometimes the child support is terminated or significantly reduced. Remarriage will also affect the way your properties are distributed and the amount of alimony your ex-spouse is receiving. In other words, ring the bells and give yourself the chance to be happy.

Do I hire an attorney?

Remarriage is quite complicated therefore hiring an Aventura family law attorney may be a good idea. It’s important you protect your assets in the event something happens to your new spouse or perhaps you pass away before him or her. You also want to make sure your children from first marriage have their fair share. An experiencedAventura divorce attorney will provide you insightful legal counsel regarding your specific case.