Child Custody and Visitation Do Not Have to Complicate a Divorce in South Florida
May 18, 2017
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Getting a divorce is hard enough on the individuals splitting up as it is. But when children are involved it can complicate things further. Both parents love their child and want the best for them. So how do they take care of the child without major disagreements on when and where visitation takes place? Ideally, both parents can work out an arrangement, but in many cases, that’s not possible. So when that happens, there needs to be a third party to step in and help make the decision – keeping the child’s best interest in mind.

S.G. Morrow and Associates, P.A. have been representing child custody and visitation clients in South Florida for years. They know how hard it is for the parents and the kids, so they want the process to go as smoothly and as painlessly as possible. Many times parents have a disagreement on child custody and visitation, it has nothing to do with the child, but instead, they are acting on emotion. They may not be thinking about what’s best for their kid, only what will hurt the other parent. A child custody and visitation attorney in South Florida is a neutral party who can be objective and help come up with a solution that both parents can agree on.

Sometimes it is difficult to come to an agreement between parents when it comes to child custody and visitation because:

One parent may use the child as leverage against the other parent. If someone is hurt badly in a relationship, they will do anything to make the other party suffer. Unfortunately, in a child custody situation, that means using the child as a weapon. The child is an innocent bystander caught in the middle and may be confused as to what’s going on. Hiring a child custody and visitation attorney can eliminate that.

One parent may want to relocate. If this happens, this can make things a lot more difficult for all involved. The child may not want to leave, or the other parent may be worried they will no longer be a part of that child’s life. S.G. Morrow and Associates, P.A. have dealt with such cases and can come up with a solution that suits everyone.

One parent may not believe the other parent is suitable for the child to be around. A neutral third party can determine the terms and conditions of visitation – if visitation is permitted. Taking matters into your own hands can turn out to be a nasty battle that only ends up hurting the kid more.

If you have child custody or visitation issues, give S.G. Morrow and Associates, P.A. a call and let them help guide you to the best solution possible. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the well-being of your child. Give them a call for a free consultation and get the assistance you need. Give them a call today and carve out a happy future for you and you kid.