Divorce Can be Challenging for Stay at Home Moms
June 16, 2017
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Stay home moms are worthy of admiration. They give up everything, their career, fun time with friends and what not to stay home with a screaming child. Although the joys of motherhood can be sweet and rewarding, there comes a time when Mr. Right may not be what he promised to be and a divorce becomes inevitable. Many stay home moms have no idea what’s going on with their finances and they don’t have much power in the relationship. If you are a stay at home mom facing a divorce, it’s imperative you seek protection under the legal umbrella of an Aventura divorce attorney.

The process

The divorce process can be overwhelming but it can also bring some positive change in your life. You need time to plan it and the right legal assistance to implement it. Many stay home moms worry about their finances. They have little or no source of income to support themselves and their families. It doesn’t matter who initiated the divorce, you need proper planning if you want to change and comfort in the years to come. You need to review your expenses and any sources of income you may have and keep a record of everything. Some items you may want to keep in your records include:

  • Statements from your bank
  • Any personal or shared debts
  • Expenses and income
  • Tax returns
  • Registrations and Titles
  • Documents that show your finances

All these documents are essential when handling issues related to your divorce such as child support, alimony and also a division of assets.

Your financial plan

Once your attorney has gathered all the required documentation, he or she will plan out your divorce process in a way that will help you become financially stable. You may want to search for a job, go to school and receive new training but it’s all worth it. There are challenges along the road but some day you will be able to look back and see how your life has significantly improved.


There are several aspects that you may want to consider before rushing to a divorce. Personal aspects may also come into the picture. You must understand how this important decision will affect your life and plan accordingly. Some things that may help during the planning include:

  • Your ability to find a job
  • How much time you got to search for a job
  • How much money you will need for the coming months
  • Figuring out if you can support your children without your spouse’s help

Seek help

Be patient and stay focus. These are hard times but they will pass. Storms don’t last forever. There are always clearer skies behind those dark clouds. The emotional burdens of a divorce are difficult to deal with and so are the legal burdens if you don’t have an Aventura divorce attorney guiding you along the way. A simple call can change your life forever. It’s never too late to start all over again!