Divorce Has Financial Repercussions
February 17, 2017
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Divorce is an extremely trying experience. Not just emotionally, but financially as well. Studies show the cost of a divorce in the United States runs upwards of $15,000. From retaining an attorney, legal fees, and alimony payments the cost could jump even higher. But for a couple dead set on splitting, the cost may not deter them; however, the financial strain it causes could set them back years. In some cases, one or both parties never quite recover financially from their divorce. That’s why if you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Miami, you want one who will fight as hard as they can to get you well compensated.

The first financial obligation is splitting the household into two. Usually, one person remains in the home while the other has to find other living arrangements. Now instead of one of each bill (rent, utilities, etc.) there are two sets. In the blink of an eye, expenses double while their income remains the same.

Most likely, your divorce attorney representing you will request alimony (depending on the situation). Alimony is usually paid to the spouse who does not make as much. A few factors go into determining how much alimony should be paid. In some cases, the couple has to be married a certain amount of time in order for one spouse to receive alimony. Other factors may include the age of the spouse, whether or not they are employed, and the reason for the divorce.

There is no set formula for how much a spouse should pay in alimony, but generally courts try to make sure both households have close to the same average income in such a situation. If a child is involved, child support is usually calculated first. If so, the paying spouse will have to pay a big portion of their income to the other spouse for a number of years.

It doesn’t matter how your marriage ends, be it amicable or otherwise, legal fees will add up. And the more the couple disagrees or fights over property or even the children, the more expensive it will be. Most divorce attorneys want to do what’s best for their client; they realize it is a stressful time and emotions run high. So you need to find an attorney who can empathize with your situation and do the best job possible to make sure you walk away feeling a little more at ease.

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