When to Get a Divorce
April 11, 2017
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When two people get married, they usually do so with the intention of staying together permanently – or at least as long as possible. No one really bargains on getting a divorce once they have tied the knot, especially if they invested in a house, have kids and had a wedding to end all weddings. More often than not, when people split up, it is because of something drastic – a change in behavior by your significant other; finances and debt are overwhelming; disagreements on raising the kids; cheating, and sometimes abuse. But once one party decides to call it quits, there isn’t too much the other party can do but comply.

If you need a divorce attorney in South Florida, turn to S.G. Morrow & Associates, P.A. They have a remarkable record when it comes to divorce court representation. They will handle your case with the compassion and conviction it deserves. Each case is treated with the same level of respect as the sanctity of your marriage in the beginning. Not only will you get the best representation possible, but with the years of experience under their belts, your divorce attorney will let you know what route may be best for you to take.

Children and Divorce

If there are children involved in the divorce, that can play a factor in when to get one. Younger children and older kids don’t deal with divorce the same. A 5-year-old may not understand what’s going and may not be able to process why mommy and daddy don’t like each other anymore, or why one of the parents has to leave. A 16-year-old is more self-sufficient. Even though they may feel sadness and even anger at first, they are more capable of rationalizing the situation. And chances are, they have friends who have been through the same ordeal, so they have a strong support system.

Abuse and Divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages end due to abuse and domestic violence. If this is the case, the best time to get a divorce is immediate. It will not be easy, but for the safety of you and your family, you need to exit the situation before it becomes even more extreme. S.G. Morrow & Associates, P.A. will do whatever they can to make sure your divorce is as painless for you as possible. When you hire one of the legal professionals you are not just hiring an attorney, you are hiring a team that has your back 100 percent.

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