When moms don’t provide child support
August 11, 2017
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We have come a long way on child support issues. Some time ago, dads were the irresponsible ones that didn’t seem to care much about supporting their children. Now, moms are also forgetting their child support obligations. They don’t support their children financially and spent little or no time with their children. As busy as life might get, your children should be your first priority. Deadbeat parents cause great emotional pain to their children. No child deserves to be treated this way. They deserve to care for and supported both emotionally and financially. Contact an Aventura child support attorney if your spouse is not fulfilling his or her child support obligations.

The psychology of a deadbeat parent

Generally speaking, deadbeat parents say that they don’t provide child support because all the money goes to their ex-spouses. This is not about punishing your ex for everything that went wrong in your relationship. Child support is about your children knowing that you still care and you are actively involved in their lives. Some non-custodial parents may go as far as requesting proof that the money was spent on their children.

Moms owe more money in child support

Believe or not, statistics clearly speak. A recent research shows that mothers owed as much as $12 million in child support yearly while fathers owed only $2 billion. Although there are other things, such as mothers earning less than dads, should consider, this is alarming news. About 57% of moms are now required to pay child support but they are getting away with it. Statistics show that non-custodial dads are actually paying more child support and custodial dads are also working more hours than custodial moms. Fathers are often discouraged in court from pursuing their custody rights. It’s not fair as both parents should be held accountable for their actions.

Children with deadbeat parents suffer

It might feel a little hard giving up your money to your ungrateful ex-husband but remember your child is the one who loses along the way. While the easiest thing is to walk away, think about how your absence will influence your child. When you refuse to provide for your children’s needs, they will have to get by without many things. They may live in a place or neighborhood that is not safe, participate in less recreational or educational activities because they don’t have the resources. Poverty will eventually knock on your child’s door.

There is also emotional hurt. Children also need their parents to provide emotional support. Nobody can replace a parent. No matter how deadbeat you are, your child will miss you and feel abandoned. Parents show their children unconditional love and how they should be treated. A deadbeat parent is not exactly a role model. Society can be cruel and look down on children with deadbeat parents.

The remedy for a deadbeat parent

There is no cure for this cold disease. It just has to be uprooted from the system. Contact Aventura child support attorney to handle your child support issues.