What You Need to Know About International Divorce in Miami
December 1, 2016
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Miami is home to people from all over the world. In addition to being labeled the Gateway to Latin America, it is also home to countless couples who were married outside the United States. However, divorce in Miami goes beyond international borders. Even if your spouse or children are living overseas, a Miami resident of at least six years must comply with Florida law when filing for divorce. The Magic City is also home to many family law attorneys. But not all have the knowledge and experience to handle international divorce cases.

Challenges of International Divorce

Very few divorces are easy. But when it comes to international divorce in Miami, there are some unique obstacles. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining court ordered enforcement of conditions of a divorce settlement originating in Florida. Among other challenges include:

  • The enforcement of child support and spousal support against a former spouse when they live abroad.
  • The enforcement or protection of child time-sharing arrangements established in Florida with a former spouse residing in another country.
  • Maintaining parental relationships with children that live outside the United States

The international divorce rate throughout the United States is high. Nowhere is that more evident than in Miami. Fortunately, international treaties and U.S. federal law support the enforcement of divorce settlements established in the State of Florida. However, Florida courts do not have jurisdiction over property outside the United States nor children who are living outside of Florida.  Just like domestic divorce, no two international divorces in Miami are the same. Each involves individuals with a completely different set of circumstances. The first important step is to seek legal representation from a Miami international divorce attorney that can perform the following:

  • Effectively advise the client on the division of property and assets when one spouse lives outside the country.
  • Establish the validity of a divorce established in another nation
  • International relocation of children
  • Enforcement of international child custody
  • Enforcement of alimony and property division internationally

International divorce can often get complicated. Some marriages are bound by international laws established by The Hague Convention. It may be necessary for your Miami divorce lawyer to work with attorneys from another country to finalize your divorce.

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