What You Need to Know About Paying Child Support
March 17, 2017
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Sometimes relationships don’t work out, and that is fine. But when there are kids involved it makes the situation a lot tougher. Besides the emotions on the side of both parties, now you have to put on a brave — and somewhat cordial — face for the children. You want the procedure to go as smoothly for them as possible. It’s all about what is in their best interest and not your own. That being said, sometimes one party will have to fill the financial obligation of child support. Many times the parents can figure out an arrangement without dragging attorneys or the court into it. Other times, it may prove to be more difficult and you need the services of a child support attorney to help with the terms and conditions.

Setting Up Child Support

When setting up child support, you must get a court order. There are many ways to do so. Upon doing so, you and the other parent can agree on an amount for child support. A judge must approve your agreement and turn it into an official court order. If both parents can’t agree, then a South Florida child support attorney should be hired on your behalf to file a request for a child support order.

Enforcing Child Support

Once a child support order has been established, it must be obeyed. If not, there are legal ramifications that can affect the delinquent party. These consequences can affect other aspects of their lives, including their finances. The neglectful party may be subject to the following:

  • Wage Deductions – the custodial parent – through their attorney – can request an income withholding order or wage assignment. With a wage deduction, child support is taken directly out of the parent’s wages.
  • Federal Income Tax Intercepts – the state can intercept a large tax refund to cover late or missing child support payments.
  • License Suspensions and Revocations – a delinquent parent’s driver’s license or professional license may be revoked.
  • Contempt of Court – this is a legal order that may result in a fine or jail time for the parent who failed to make court-ordered support payments. However, the custodial parent or their attorney must go to court to obtain this order from a judge.

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