Being the non-custodial parent is not a bad thing
June 29, 2017
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Being non-custodial is not necessarily a negative thing. Although you will be facing new challenges to bond with your child, you can make things easier by implementing some strategies. It’s all about reconnecting with your child once again. Yes, things have changed a bit but you and your kids deserve another chance. Circumstances should never interfere in a good relationship. Don’t allow the stress associated with a divorce get in the way and reach out to an Aventura divorce attorney.

As a non-custodial parent, you will need to make an extra effort to get in touch with your kids. Whatever it takes, do it. Some simple strategies that will help you get close to them include:

  • A phone line in your child’s room or cell phone to contact them whenever you want.
  • Take lots of selfies. Even the crazy ones will have a special place in your child’s memories.
  • Get involved in your child’s hobbies: sports, art, recitals, and so on.
  • Stay with them if your ex needs to go out.
  • Don’t look for perfection. All your children want is time with you. They don’t care about expensive gifts or field trips. They just need to know that whatever happens, you will always be there with them.
  • Nobody likes being the disciplinarian parent but you must share this role with your ex-spouse otherwise they will not have consistency. They need to experience more or less the same atmosphere when spending time with mom or dad. This will create consistency and stability.
  • Encourage your children, teach them values, and establish some limits.
  • Deal with your frustrations in private. Divorce can be an overwhelming process. See a therapist, cope with all those feelings of frustration in a positive way.
  • Remember your ex-spouse is your business partner and not your enemy. The more disagreements between you two, the more impact it’ll have on your children.

Your responsibilities

Be firm when disciplining your child but also love them. It’s your responsibility guiding your child in the good path. As long as they are under your umbrella, they should feel safe and protected. Besides child support, you should also take the extra mile and buy them toys, cook for them, or anything else that makes them feel special. Just don’t overdo it. Always go back to the reason why they spend time with you.

Contact an Aventura divorce attorney

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