Is It Really Cheaper to Keep Her?
July 28, 2017
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When it comes to divorce in South Florida, the numbers have fluctuated over the years. It seems like more and more people are staying together, but not getting married, and those who are married, are only united temporarily. It is becoming increasingly uncommon to find a couple that have lasted through their ups and downs, goods and bads. Divorce is steadily becoming the norm in Aventura and South Florida, and divorce attorneys are never short on clients. But when it comes to choosing a divorce attorney, there are some considerations that need to be kept in mind. You want a top alimony and spousal support attorney in Aventura.

If you and your spouse find yourself at the end of your marriage and you need legal representation, call S. G. Morrow & Associates, P.A. Their law firm has not only been representing divorce clients, but they also handle alimony and spousal support cases as well. Sometimes during a divorce, one individual finds themselves in a bit of a financial bind, more so than the other. A divorce can leave some people struggling to make ends meet. A two-person income household has literally been split in half and now everyone has to fend for themselves. Some spouses may not work and may have depended on their other half to financially take care of them. Now, their world is turned upside-down. S.G. Morrow & Associates, P.A. are some of the top alimony and spousal support attorney in Aventura. They will fight for you and what you legally are entitled to.

If you spent your marriage taking care of the home while your spouse went out to earn a living, and you end up getting a divorce, you more than likely will be entitled to alimony or spousal support. The understanding between both parties that one was to work while one stayed home strongly implies the working spouse would financially take care of the spouse staying at home and fulfilling household duties. If they try to fall back on that arrangement, your first step is to obtain a top alimony and spousal support attorney in Aventura to take your case.

If you make significantly less than your spouse, and your marriage is coming to an end. Alimony or spousal support may be awarded to you in order to keep up a certain standard of living.

The amount of time you receive alimony or spousal support varies, but if you choose a top alimony or spousal support attorney in Aventura, they will know exactly how to handle your situation and choose the best option so you walk away with the most favorable results possible.

If you are in need of a top alimony or spousal support attorney in Aventura, look no further. The legal professionals at S.G. Morrow & Associates, P.A. have been representing clients for years with a track record of excellence to prove it. Give them a call today for a free consultation. One of their alimony and spousal support attorneys will sit with you and devise a plan to make sure you are compensated like you should be. Do not let your marriage drop while you get stuck out in the cold. Give them a call today and let them work hard for you and what’s right.