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Home foreclosure. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or you have owned several houses, the idea of losing your home is frightening. You are not alone. At the Miami Law Offices of S. G. Morrow & Associates, we can help you fight to keep your home.

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Our economy has been significantly impacted of late by challenges such as mortgage industry fraud, rising interest rates and plummeting home values. These challenges have extended to families making it difficult to keep current with their financial obligations. Then, when unexpected crisis occurs—such as job loss or medical emergencies—tightly stretched budgets simply fall apart.

Unfortunately, neighborhoods in Florida have not been immune to America’s housing and financial crises. Our communities have seen their fair share of short sales, foreclosures and repossessions due, in part, to unmanageable mortgages/ARMs.

S. G. Morrow & Associates has taken an aggressive stand to defend homeowners from bank foreclosure. She listens to the concerns of her clients and develops strategies to help them protect their homes.

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If you are facing the prospect of home foreclosure and need an advocate to fight for your homeownership rights, call attorney Morrow. With over 20 years of experienced helping individuals and families in South Florida get through their legal problems, she can help you today. Contact us for more information about avoiding foreclosure. Hablamos español.