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There are important steps to take to protect your rights even in an uncontested divorce. While an uncontested divorce may seem easier to handle, you still want a marital settlement agreement that protects your rights, especially where children and property are concerned. At the Miami Law Offices of S. G. Morrow & Associates, we help individuals in South Florida handle every aspect of their uncontested divorce.

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Our family law attorney, Stephanie G. Morrow & Associates, understands that there are a variety of factors that may lead to a divorce. She also understands that even an uncontested divorce can have unexpected consequences for both parties. That is why attorney Morrow will take the time to listen to your immediate concerns and help you come up with a long-term plan.

If you are going through an uncontested divorce, determine what your rights are before giving them up. It is important to find out exactly what your rights and obligations are and then decide if you want to waive them. You may have rights that you did not even know about.

An uncontested divorce is often a “flat-fee” divorce (where the exact price is set from the beginning of the case). Although an uncontested divorce may appear straightforward, there are a number of documents the court requires. They include a civil cover sheet, parties’ information sheet, filing of social security numbers, and financial affidavits to name a few. If there are children involved, the parents will be required to attend a court-approved parenting class. Depending on the age of the children and the county in which the Dissolution is being filed, children may be required to attend classes as well.

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An uncontested divorce may sound simple, but there are still a lot of important issues about your future that must be decided. From a marital settlement agreement to child custody concerns, your future is our number one priority. Contact us today and find out how we can help you through the uncontested divorce process.