Aventura Family Law Office Testimonials

In my profession, I see myself as not just an attorney, but as an attorney and counselor at law. As such, I always try to take care of my clients as a whole individuals, not just as a “divorce case” or a “child support case”, etc. As such, I have received various testimonials:

“You are the best!!”

– S.B.

“You were better than Perry Mason on his best day.”

– O.R.

“You’re one hell of an attorney!”

– D.D.

“I always enjoyed your presence in the courtroom.”

– Retiring Judge

“I told my friend you are the best lawyer in this country. She has an appointment with you next Tuesday at 11:00 am. Thanks!”

– M.S.

“Hiring the law firm of S. G. Morrow & Associates and staff resulted in the best professional experience I have ever had.”

– S.A.

“I recommend her to anyone that needs help. Her warmth and genuine interest in helping people is exactly what is needed”

– A.R.

“S. G. Morrow is one of those rare attorneys you will find who truly listens to what you want to accomplish and does her best to make sure you are completely satisfied.”

– M.R.

“I appreciate everything you have done for me. You gave me confidence in myself that I had lost for quite some time.” (A note accompanied by flowers)

– Y.R.

“I strongly recommend anyone going through a divorce and especially a military divorce to please contact this aggressive, results oriented and experienced attorney to obtain results. She was also very knowledgeable of the Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA LAW) in military divorce cases and protecting the rights of Military Retirees.”

– J.T.

“I want to thank you again for the positive influence you made in my life when representing me in my divorce case. Your abilities and professionalism in the court room were astonishing to me. Your confident yet humble demeanor made the devastating ordeal bearable. By your Christian witness you helped direct me to get my life back on track. I will never forget the life changing positive impact you have had on my life and I will be forever honored to call you friend.”

– T.R.

“I called for advice and help with a very complex international divorce/post judgement case. Attorney Morrow took my case and treated it with utmost professionalism. She listened to me whenever I called, and always had an answer or advice. Due to Stephanie’s expertise, I was able to gain knowledge of my legal rights and she gave me the peace of mind that I deserve. She gave me strength and confidence in myself to be able to go through one of the most difficult periods of my life.”